Reinventing Patient Affordability
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Shifting the Patient Affordability Paradigm
The Paysign Solution
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Shifting the Patient Affordability Paradigm
The Paysign Solution
Industry Insights
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We’ve Cracked the Code on Copay:
New Innovations Driving Change

Paysign is making the first significant advancements within the patient affordability industry in several years. This trailblazing mindset comes from our decades of specialized experience where healthcare meets fintech, resulting in solutions that address the most urgent problems facing copay assistance programs. This unique perspective allows us to remain committed to improving the core offerings of patient affordability at a time when it has largely remained stagnant. We architected a new suite of solutions that mitigate the major impacts copay accumulators and maximizers have on the industry, while also improving speed, modality, service level, and interoperability.

Tailored Programs to Meet Each Brand's Needs

Paysign is a trusted provider of adaptable, scalable, technology-based programs that are helping transform an industry. We proudly offer both pharmacy benefit and medical benefit copay solutions, which are backed by our advanced payments platform and integrated enrollment, issuance, and admin portal. We were first to market with a proven accumulator and maximizer mitigation strategy, helping ensure patients' assistance funds do exactly that – increasing access, adherence, and, ultimately, improving patient outcomes.

What Makes Our Solutions Unique?

We're raising the bar for patient affordability programs. Paysign's integrated solutions for healthcare claims and payments allow us to provide both program management and data analysis. Our proprietary dynamic business rules and instant-access models ensure programs can adapt on a per-claim basis, as tailored to the needs of each brand. Our background in payments is what sets us apart in the patient affordability space, allowing us to deliver:

  • Flexibility, Scalability, and Reliability
  • Seamless Patient Transitions
  • Pricing Transparency
  • API Integration and Automation
  •  Wrap-Around Card Services
  •  Rapid Program Deployment

Why Our Clients and
Partners Trust Us

Adaptable, modern architecture that allows for easy integration

Expert team with decades of combined knowledge across all functional areas

Superior reporting and analytical tools for valuable real-time insights

Support for programs of any size and scope, from clinical trials to retail

Mastering the
Art of Advancement

It is our philosophy that, as a solution provider to the patient affordability industry, in order to stay nimble, adaptable, and react on a dime to industry changes, it requires a focused effort on our core business offerings. It is this focus that has allowed us to continually innovate and enhance our solutions, provide white-glove service, and deliver actionable business intelligence. We’ve made it our mission to drive innovation and evolution in this critical area of the pharmaceutical industry, removing financial barriers that prevent many patients from accessing treatment.

Prioritizing Patient Access
Through Transparent Pricing

At Paysign, we build solutions for the pharmaceutical industry that streamline programs and eliminate unnecessary costs. We consistently provide dynamic, technology-based programs that address many issues the pharmaceutical industry is facing today – helping our manufacturer clients afford their patient affordability programs. We strive to be innovators of honesty and transparency within healthcare pricing practices in order to benefit the entire ecosystem and help eliminate the negative impacts on patients.

Watch our webinar “Affording Patient Affordability Programs: The Truth About Voucher and Bridge Pricing” to learn more.


Paysign, Inc. is a leading financial services provider uniquely positioned to provide fintech solutions tailored to the pharmaceutical industry. As an early innovator of patient affordability programs and integrated payment processing, we enable countless exchanges of value for businesses across all industry types. Our architecture is known for its cross-platform compatibility and flexibility – allowing clients and partners deliver fully managed programs built to meet business goals and leverage cost-saving opportunities.

As an all-in-one payments provider, Paysign builds and navigates all aspects of the program lifecycle completely in-house; allowing us to offer a suite of services that include program design, launch and management, along with internal offerings, such as initial concept, collateral and card design, forward-facing program websites, mobile apps, and a 24/7/365 bilingual customer care call center.

As a result, our clients can trust that Paysign will quickly and efficiently deploy programs that help patients overcome financial barriers to critical treatment.

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